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   IF YOU HAVE A MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY, such as a fire, flood or other urgent maintenance item that requires immediate attention, please call (248) 650-8983 extension 119 to reach our on-call emergency staff.    

Office Address

411 Woodward Avenue
Rochester, Michigan 48307

Phone: (248) 650-8983

   If you would like to find out more about how we can help manage your property, please contact us at the numbers provided below, or by email.    
Main Office(248) 650-8983Send email
Laura AdamsBookkeeping(248) 650-8983Send email
Sandy Cominotto Office Manager(248) 650-8983Send email
Daniel MullenProperty Manager(248) 453-5263Send email
Pamela McNameeProperty Manager(248) 841-1027Send email
Eric Mazure Property Manager(248) 453-5794Send email
Darrin McDonaldProperty Manager(248) 710-3990Send email
Edward OlandProperty Manager (248) 923-2673Send email
Jason CareySales/Accounting(248) 650-8983Send email